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At Cubiteq Tax Consultants We Provide End to End Assistance for  Goods and Service Registration and also provide solutions for invoicing and Return Fillings.

Documents Required For GST Registration

* Aadhar Card
* Pan Card
* Passport Size Photo
* Electricity Bill
* Rental Agreement or Tax Paid Reciept

Apply For GST Registration

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What is Goods and Service Tax

The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption. It is a destination based tax on consumption of goods and services. It is proposed to be levied at all stages right from manufacture upto final consumption with credit of taxes paid at previous stages available as set off. In a nutshell, only value addition will be taxed and burden of tax is to be borne by the final consumer.

The tax came into effect from July 1, 2017 through the implementation of One Hundred and First Amendment of the Constitution of India by the Indian Government. The tax replaced existing multiple Central and State Government taxes.

Types of GST Registration


There are various types of GST registration regular, casual taxable persons, non-resident taxable persons and eCommerce operators. Casual taxable persons, non-resident taxable persons and eCommerce operators are required to obtain GST registration irrespective of turnover limit.

Casual Taxable Persons:  The GST Act defines as a casual taxable person as a person who occasionally supplies goods or services in a State or a Union territory where the entity has no fixed place of business. Hence, persons running temporary businesses in fairs or exhibitions or seasonal businesses would fall under casual taxable person under GST.

Non-resident Taxable Persons:  Non-resident taxable person (NRI) under GST is any person or business or not-for-profit supplying goods or services but has no fixed place of business or residence in India. Thus, any foreign person or foreign business or organization supplying goods or services to India would be a non-resident taxable person – requiring compliance with all GST regulations in India.

E-Commerce Operators: Electronic commerce operator is every person who, owns, operates or manages digital or electronic facility or platform for electronic commerce. Thus, any person selling through the internet can be termed as an eCommerce Operator requiring GST registration irrespective of business turnover.

Documents Required for GST Registration

  1. Sole proprietor / Individual

  • PAN card of the owner

  • Aadhar card of the owner

  • Photograph of the owner 

  • Bank account details*

  • Address proof 

  • Electricity Bill

2. LLP and Partnership Firms

  • PAN card of all partners 

  • Copy of partnership deed

  • Photograph of all partners and authorized signatories 

  • Address proof of partners 

  • Aadhar card of authorized signatory

  • Proof of appointment of authorized signatory

  • In the case of LLP, registration certificate / Board resolution of LLP

  • Bank account details*

  • Address proof of principal place of business

3. Company (Public and Private) 

  • PAN card of the Company

  • Certificate of incorporation given by Ministry of Corporate Affairs

  • Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association

  • PAN card and Aadhar card of authorized signatory. 

  • PAN card and address proof of all directors of the Company

  • Photograph of all directors and authorized signatory

  • Board resolution appointing authorized signatory Bank account details

  • Address proof of principal place of business

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